Vacation home remodel in the Brevard area.

Remodeling is great and easy to do if you have the tools and skills....and funds. There are so many places to get inspired online these days. My good friends have asked my to consult their remodel and I thought, what a great idea! I can throw them great ideas and watch them take shape and if I'm lucky, I wont have to paint...much. So, here is what they want it to look like, more or less, when complete.  Nice black appliances, grey paint, decent cabinets and they want it to sell fast.   Here is how it looks floors, paint is on the wall, they are getting there, but there is lots to do...stay tuned.  

Aug. 27, 2022

3 Reasons to Book Deerwoode Reserve Cabins

Three Deerwoode Cabins and Three Reasons to Book your Brevard, NC vacation now.

Ok, you want to book a cabin for Fall 2022 in the Brevard or Pisgah Forest, North Carolina (NC) area, right?  I can give you three great cabin choices and three great reasons to book these three Deerwoode Reserve Cabins that will delight guests.  The hidden gem of the vacation rental cabin world in Brevard is Deerwoode Reserve, with over 100 acres of property, guests can enjoy mountain views, fishing ponds and walking paths along the French Broad River.  
The rustic cabins and their rustic decor hark back to a simpler time, but with modern amenities like Dish TV and WIFI.  

The Little Log Cabin is a prime example of a perfect vacation cabin.  With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this cabin is sure to please.  THe best three features of this cabin are:

  • Open Floor plan in living area
  • Large covered porch with tin roof
  • New mattresses and linens in 2022

Little Log Cabin Kitchen

The Otter Cabin is a real winner also.  This two bedroom cabin can sleep 4-6 and has custom kitchen, Kurig coffee maker and the best covered porch views from Deerwoode Reserve.  The evening sun cascades across the landscape while you stare out across corn fields just beyond the French Broad River.  This is a scene to behold.  Just imagine the relaxing sensation you will have experiencing this in person.  Three best features of Otter Cabin are:

  • Covered porch with string lights
  • Two fireplaces
  • Outdoor firepit and seating, some wood provided

The River Cabin at Deerwoode Reserve is a truly special place with a covered porch that looks out over the river, a river bank firepit beckons the guest to sit and enjoy, to relax a spell and become one with the outdoors, listening to the evening crickets and get back to center.  The three best features of this one bedroom efficiency cabin are:

  • King sized bed
  • Super cute cabin & decor, linens provided
  • A/C and Heat


Book now at:

or call direct

828-877-3434 x 1 

White Squirrel Realty & Rentals

March 25, 2022

Immediate Press Release-New Office


March 25, 2022

White Squirrel Realty in Brevard, North Carolina is now open at the new location at 107 North Caldwell Street which is a downtown location.  This new office will include more private offices for sales agents, a larger conference room than the previous location and a meeting room for special events planned later this year.  White Squirrel Realty is a niche brokerage licensed by the NC Real Estate Commission to broker real estate services and is owned by Isaac and Janet Allen of Brevard.  

"The niche market that we have created attracts owners, buyers and sellers of investment properties, mostly vacation rentals." says Isaac Allen, owner.  "We bring an elevated experience to the vacation rental industry that has blossomed during the Covid pandemic.  Our guests love Brevard and the outdoor experiences that it offers.  Our owners appreciate that we are taking care of their second and investment homes while generating extra income that allows them to afford and enjoy it."  

Janet Allen curated the interior & exterior paint colors to complement the other buildings on Caldwell Street and has a passion for interior decor.  The exterior color is bold and sets the building apart.  The entire building has been remodeled with help from local firm, Domokur Architecture.  The work was completed by TCMC of Mills River led by Don Bishop.  

Downtown Brevard has been the home of White Squirrel Realty since 2015 when they opened their first office on Main Street.  The new location also is the hub for their boots on the ground approach to property management including a full maintenance team, cleaning crews and laundry facility.  To learn more about the White Squirrel Realty program, click here.

You can also visit their website for vacation rentals at:

For sales and to view local homes for sale:

Contact Isaac Allen here: Contact Isaac

March 7, 2022

Vacation Rental Startup

The startup may be the most important part.  It's the part that needs to have momentum if you plan to succeed.  I am a farmer when I am not managing vacation rentals, I plant seeds.  The soil prep is the most important first step I can take to assure success.  The seeds are important to choose carefully, and then the timing of the planting is critical, too early or too late can make all the difference.  

Here are some pictures of the seedlings that are coming up this spring. 

 Kale Seedlings

The garlic that I planted in November has made it through the winter and is looking good.  It is on track to harvest in July and I love garlic!


The potatoes are red and white variety and I like to plant them in the middle of march.  This year, the potatoes that I harvested last year had sprouted and I felt like they would do well again, as they are a heirloom variety.  

During the first quarter of 2022, my office makes plans, plans that we can execute during the year to achieve the best potential out of each vacation rental property and in line with the owners goals.  The planning really helps us to see our goals long before the spring break and summer guests arrive.  We know that careful planning will make or break us!  

When you call me or my office and want to discuss your plans for a successful vacation rental property, I will ask several questions about your goals and your timeline.  The answers to these questions set the foundation of what we can accomplish together.  Plan the work and work the plan.  

Vacation rental management and ownership can be a ton of fun and profitable, let's craft a plan for you today.  Contact my office and get on my calendar.  My 20+ years experience in vacation rental management will take your plans to the next level. 

Call my office today.  828-877-3434 x 1

Isaac Allen


July 8, 2021

Office Moving

March 7, 2022 UPDATE.  The office has moved to 107 N. Caldwell Street, Brevard, NC.  



The White Squirrel Realty and Residential Property Management office has moved from 12 E. Main Street downtown to 259 N. Broad St., in the College Plaza shopping center across from Brevard College.  

We expect to be in our new location at 107 N. Caldwell in August.  

March 27, 2020


White Squirrel Realty has been affected by the spread of the virus as many other have in the Brevard, NC area.  No confirmed cased with the agents or staff, but office hours have been reduced and in person meetings have been curtailed.  

Agents are available by appointment, call 828-877-3450 or email at  Thank you for understanding the gravity of this situation.  White Squirrel Realty is doing our part to be socially responsible during this time.  

Stay home, stay safe, stay well.  

See the newest listings in the area here.  Click Here

Isaac Allen

Nov. 20, 2019

Vacation Rental Program

So here you are, asking the right questions about vacation rentals.  No worries, you are in the right place.  White Squirrel Realty has partnered with Residential Property Management & Sales LLC or RPM and SALES, to bring you the know how, the intel, the foresight and so much more so you can be successful in the vacation rental market.  

So, where do you start?  Dynamic pricing?  SEO?  OTA's?  NO!!  Let's find a canvas for us to make our masterpiece.  

Look for a modest priced home and let's work the budget backwards to see if it meets our goals.  Let's start with what our goals are for the vacation rental property.  

  1. How much income are you looking to generate?  

Then, let's see if we can find the right property.  If you need a broker, look no further, call Isaac Allen at 828-553-6283.  He owns White Squirrel Realty and RPM and can help you from A-Z.  So, now you have the perfect property....what next? 

       2. Decorate it and furnish it.  

Now, it's easy, but don't overthink it.  Make it cozy yet sparce and give it character or a theme.  Guests like themes, but don't be too specific, you may scare away some potential guests.  

       3. Let's do a safety check, make sure we have a safe place for the adults and kiddos and maybe even dogs.  Very important and overall easy.  If you need professional help, call Isaac. 

       4. Let's market to guests, let's start on Airbnb, that's easy.  Then VRBO, a little harder, then, it's fun and you can do it.  Wait!  Maybe you don't have a computer, or want to answer questions about how many channels the cable package Isaac Allen, he will take care of that for you, no problem.  

       5. You should have a guest or two by now and you are counting that money!  If not, call a professional, you guessed it, call Isaac Allen, he has a team and will review your business plan, maybe you missed something.  He is happy to help sort it out and consult for free!  Or he hosts a weekly webinar on vacation rentals in Brevard so you can learn how he works.  

Jan. 26, 2019

Area Vacation Rentals

Visiting Brevard, NC area this summer?  Chances are if you are on this blog post, you enjoy the area and are looking to spend more time here.  As a seasoned traveler, I know the Brevard area is a great place to do a family vacation.  It's not a party town, but the hiking, fishing, mountain biking and beer scene is top shelf.  Here you can get back to your roots, find your center and evolve into the person you really want to be.  
For instance, this new property with us, on the lake in Connestee Falls is a perfect place to bring your family, make it  a home base for your family reunion or develop your golf game.  

White Squirrel Realty and Residential Property Management & Sales LLC are two separate real estate firms located in the same space at 107 N. Caldwell St., Brevard, NC.  Owned and operated by Isaac Allen, AKA #vacationrentalguy and proud vacation rental owner.  Both firms are dedicated to the success of our clients and love what we do.  

Jan. 7, 2019

Connestee Falls, SOLD properties

Connestee Falls is a mountain community that has plenty to do and love.  My clients enjoy the gated security that Connestee Falls offers to their owners.  Extras like an on site volunteer fire department gives older buyers security that they can be taken care of in the event of a fire or emergency medical needs.  

The roads in the mountains can be difficult to navigate in poor weather, Connestee Falls has an excellent road program and is constantly making improvements.  It is common to see workers blowing leaves off the roads in the fall to make the community look well kept and keep roads safe from slippery leaves.  

There is so much more to say, so watch for my future blogs about Conneste Falls where I mention the amenities and more...

Isaac Allen
White Squirrel Realty

Posted in Connestee Falls
July 31, 2017

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