March 25, 2022

White Squirrel Realty in Brevard, North Carolina is now open at the new location at 107 North Caldwell Street which is a downtown location.  This new office will include more private offices for sales agents, a larger conference room than the previous location and a meeting room for special events planned later this year.  White Squirrel Realty is a niche brokerage licensed by the NC Real Estate Commission to broker real estate services and is owned by Isaac and Janet Allen of Brevard.  

"The niche market that we have created attracts owners, buyers and sellers of investment properties, mostly vacation rentals." says Isaac Allen, owner.  "We bring an elevated experience to the vacation rental industry that has blossomed during the Covid pandemic.  Our guests love Brevard and the outdoor experiences that it offers.  Our owners appreciate that we are taking care of their second and investment homes while generating extra income that allows them to afford and enjoy it."  

Janet Allen curated the interior & exterior paint colors to complement the other buildings on Caldwell Street and has a passion for interior decor.  The exterior color is bold and sets the building apart.  The entire building has been remodeled with help from local firm, Domokur Architecture.  The work was completed by TCMC of Mills River led by Don Bishop.  

Downtown Brevard has been the home of White Squirrel Realty since 2015 when they opened their first office on Main Street.  The new location also is the hub for their boots on the ground approach to property management including a full maintenance team, cleaning crews and laundry facility.  To learn more about the White Squirrel Realty program, click here.

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