The startup may be the most important part.  It's the part that needs to have momentum if you plan to succeed.  I am a farmer when I am not managing vacation rentals, I plant seeds.  The soil prep is the most important first step I can take to assure success.  The seeds are important to choose carefully, and then the timing of the planting is critical, too early or too late can make all the difference.  

Here are some pictures of the seedlings that are coming up this spring. 

 Kale Seedlings

The garlic that I planted in November has made it through the winter and is looking good.  It is on track to harvest in July and I love garlic!


The potatoes are red and white variety and I like to plant them in the middle of march.  This year, the potatoes that I harvested last year had sprouted and I felt like they would do well again, as they are a heirloom variety.  

During the first quarter of 2022, my office makes plans, plans that we can execute during the year to achieve the best potential out of each vacation rental property and in line with the owners goals.  The planning really helps us to see our goals long before the spring break and summer guests arrive.  We know that careful planning will make or break us!  

When you call me or my office and want to discuss your plans for a successful vacation rental property, I will ask several questions about your goals and your timeline.  The answers to these questions set the foundation of what we can accomplish together.  Plan the work and work the plan.  

Vacation rental management and ownership can be a ton of fun and profitable, let's craft a plan for you today.  Contact my office and get on my calendar.  My 20+ years experience in vacation rental management will take your plans to the next level. 

Call my office today.  828-877-3434 x 1

Isaac Allen