So here you are, asking the right questions about vacation rentals.  No worries, you are in the right place.  White Squirrel Realty has partnered with Residential Property Management & Sales LLC or RPM and SALES, to bring you the know how, the intel, the foresight and so much more so you can be successful in the vacation rental market.  

So, where do you start?  Dynamic pricing?  SEO?  OTA's?  NO!!  Let's find a canvas for us to make our masterpiece.  

Look for a modest priced home and let's work the budget backwards to see if it meets our goals.  Let's start with what our goals are for the vacation rental property.  

  1. How much income are you looking to generate?  

Then, let's see if we can find the right property.  If you need a broker, look no further, call Isaac Allen at 828-553-6283.  He owns White Squirrel Realty and RPM and can help you from A-Z.  So, now you have the perfect property....what next? 

       2. Decorate it and furnish it.  

Now, it's easy, but don't overthink it.  Make it cozy yet sparce and give it character or a theme.  Guests like themes, but don't be too specific, you may scare away some potential guests.  

       3. Let's do a safety check, make sure we have a safe place for the adults and kiddos and maybe even dogs.  Very important and overall easy.  If you need professional help, call Isaac. 

       4. Let's market to guests, let's start on Airbnb, that's easy.  Then VRBO, a little harder, then, it's fun and you can do it.  Wait!  Maybe you don't have a computer, or want to answer questions about how many channels the cable package Isaac Allen, he will take care of that for you, no problem.  

       5. You should have a guest or two by now and you are counting that money!  If not, call a professional, you guessed it, call Isaac Allen, he has a team and will review your business plan, maybe you missed something.  He is happy to help sort it out and consult for free!  Or he hosts a weekly webinar on vacation rentals in Brevard so you can learn how he works.