Michael Clary


White Squirrel Realty

12 E. Main St., Brevard, NC 28712

After an executive career path touching the north, south, east and west borders of USA’s mainland, Mike has finally made it back to the WNC mountains that always felt like home. Having resided in eight different states with about twice that many moves, he has personally experienced home ownership from every angle — high cost of living areas to low cost of living areas, home ages ranging from 1937 to 2015, clean and modern to filthy fixer-upper.


Through all of the buy and sell transactions, repairs, and remodels, one lesson stays with him as he helps others realize their home ownership dreams. The facts and figures are important, but only in the context of how they fit with your needs, wants, and dreams.  Real Estate transactions are a “big deal” and can be stressful.  That stress can be minimized by working with someone who can align your goals to the current market, while keeping you informed all through the process.  After the deal, we want you to say, “I’d work with that guy again.”


If you want a little background, here is a summary of Mike’s diverse experience:

·       Married thirty-one years to a wife who has now lived in eleven states (more real estate experience)

·       Two grown sons; twin daughters entering their final year of college

·       Twenty years in the “corporate world” with two Fortune 200 food companies — sales management responsibilities for western quarter of country; marketing and promotions responsibilities on a national level

·       Multiple excursions to Eastern Europe to provide post-communism marketing training, market research and strategic planning

·       A dozen years on the South Dakota 4-H Foundation’s Board of Trustees, several as officer; championed the Character Counts!Ò initiative as an effective delivery vehicle

·       Twenty-five years owning and running a marketing, consulting and research company

·       Served as President of his Maryland HOA from inception, and continues to serve the HOA as community manager


Mike chose real estate as a final career because he likes to help other people.  He would love the chance to help you